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Selecting the right construction materials

it is one of the toughest tasks in constructing a building. Hence before starting one should know the classification, performance, and economics of building materials. Only getting aware of this one can use the building materials in a sustainable manner. Building materials are those materials that are used to construct any civil structure. With the help of these materials, one can construct various structures such as buildings, skyscrapers, towers, bridges, dams, etc.

Classification of building materials

  • Natural building materials – these materials are available naturally
  1. Sand- concrete, mortars, plasters
  2. Stone- granite, marble, sandstone, limestone
  3. Leave- palm, palmyra, coconut
  4. Lime
  5. Fibres- jute fiber, banana leaf, coconut husk
  6. Wood- deodar, teak, bamboo
  7. Mud
  • Artificial building materials – the materials that go under artificial processing are known as artificial building materials
  1. Cement – gravel and broken stones
  2. Glass -soda, lime, sand
  3. Brick
  4. Metal- ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  5. Plastics
  6. Tiles

Outlook of building materials

Before starting any business or for buying one should know all the properties of building materials that has to be considered for the purpose of good and strong structure that are its density, specific weight, specific gravity, porosity, water absorption, coefficient of softening, permeability, hygroscopicity, fire resistance, frost resistance, chemical resistance, heat conductivity, durability, strength all these factors should be known before buying raw materials.

There is a very vast scope of raw materials in business. UAE is a developed and evolved economy that keeps on growing and developing. Dubai has various mesmerising and giant structures that have been built by them and many new structures and things are going to be built in futures. so for anyone who wants to start a business in raw materials is not going to face a loss.

Authentic suppliers of right construction materials

There are many good building materials wholesalers in UAE. One of the most reliable and accurate Wholesaler is Ntbm trading. They have all types of BUILDING materials weather natural or artificial. With variety of products and a vast knowledge of materials they have the best solutions and requirements for all your needs. Ntbm trading is most trusted building material trading company in UAE.

Their products go through most rigorous testing processes to ensure robustness and durability. When you choose any raw material or building material you are choosing the strongest and most durable material. Great structures require the best and strongest materials be it cement, steel wood etc. They have an unwavering commitment to quality that derives us to consistently delivering the best. They maintain this trust by ensuring the highest quality the highest standards.

Their high-quality range of products for different purposes is sourced both domestically and internationally, offering long- lasting value to their customers. Ntbm trading not only provides building materials but is also a hardware materials suppliers in UAE also packaging materials manufacturers in Dubai. they are among the largest traders of building materials in Dubai.

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