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Looking for a supplier of hammers in Dubai? You’re in luck! Dubai has a bustling market with numerous options for sourcing tools and equipment. Whether you need hammers for construction, carpentry, or any other purpose New Trends Building Material L.L.C Dubai is the leading Supplier of quality Hammers in Dubai , UAE

Types of Hammers commonly used in construction, carpentry, and gardening ETC.

Hammers come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for specific tasks. From claw hammers for general-purpose use to ball-peen hammers for metalworking, understanding the differences is crucial in choosing the right tool for the job.

Hammers Supplier In Dubai UAE

Claw Hammer

This versatile hammer is widely used in construction and carpentry for driving and removing nails. The claw on the backside can be used to remove nails or for prying tasks.


A heavy-duty hammer with a large, flat metal head, typically used in construction for demolition work or driving stakes. It’s also handy in farming for tasks like breaking rocks or driving fence posts.

Ball Peen Hammer

Featuring a rounded peen opposite the flat striking surface, this hammer is commonly used in metalworking and automotive applications. It can also be used in carpentry for shaping and striking chisels.

Rubber Mallet

With a soft rubber head, this hammer is gentle on surfaces, making it ideal for tasks like assembling furniture, tapping tiles into place, or striking delicate materials without causing damage.

Cross Peen Hammer

Similar to a ball peen hammer, but with a wedge-shaped peen, it’s often used in blacksmithing for shaping metal. Carpenters and woodworkers may also use it for detailed work and joinery.

Framing Hammer

Designed specifically for framing tasks in construction, this hammer typically has a longer handle for increased leverage and a milled face to grip nails more securely.


Made of wood, rubber, or plastic, mallets are used in woodworking for driving chisels or assembling joints without damaging the wood.

Hoe Hammer

This hammer combines a traditional hammer head with a flat blade on one side, resembling a hoe. It’s commonly used in gardening and farming for breaking up soil or chopping roots.


Featuring an adze-like blade on one side and a pick or hoe on the other, the mattock is useful in gardening and farming for digging, chopping, and cultivating soil.

Cultivator Hammer

A specialized hammer with a flat striking surface on one side and a fork-like attachment on the other, used for aerating soil and breaking up clumps in gardening and farming.

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